Chloe's Mission

is to create and share flavorful food, recipes and strategies that promotes health and well-being for individuals, the planet, and animals using the latest nutritional science. 

After I switching to a high nutrient, whole food plant-based lifestyle, I effortlessly lost over 60 lbs, have more energy than ever, feel younger, have cleared up several skin conditions, and have found a whole new enthusiasm for life.

Once I graduated with a Master of Science in Nonprofit Management from the Milano School of International Affairs, Management, and Urban Policy and earned a Certificate in Plant-based Nutrition through eCornell, I committed myself to improving the health and quality of life for anyone who is interested.

Chloe's Clean Cuisine was created in October, 2015.  After learning about the benefits of high nutrient plant-based foods, I needed to share my knowledge and passion with the world.  By creating food that nourishes your body, I hope to create positive and lasting change! My food is always created from fresh produce and plants, free from oil, no added sugar, minimal to no salt, and are absolutely delicious!!