Chloe's Mission

is to create and share flavorful food, recipes and strategies that promotes health and well-being for individuals, the planet, and animals using the latest nutritional science. 

I am the plant eating chef and founder of Chloe's Clean Cuisine trying to better the world one bite at a time. Bringing you vibrant recipes that excite your taste buds and nourish your body is my goal! After switching to a high nutrient, whole food plant-based lifestyle, I effortlessly lost over 60 lbs, have more energy than ever, feel younger, have cleared up several skin conditions, and have found a whole new enthusiasm for life.
My food is always created from fruits, vegetables, beans and legumes, nuts and seeds, and whole grains. The recipes are always free from oil, added sugar, animal products, refined flour, and have minimal to no added salt!


Chloe's Clean Cuisine is dedicated to improving not only health of individuals, but also the health of the planet!
Sustainability is built into Chloe's Clean Cuisine by:

  • Avoiding plastic to-go containers and recycling any cans, bottles, etc that food products are purchased in
  • Composting food scraps (methane, which is 30x worse than carbon dioxide for the environment, is created when food scraps are sent to landfills rather than when they decompose organically)
  • Cooking with plants which are exponentially less resource intensive innately reduces the carbon footprint of this food
  • Sourcing produce from local farms when possible

How I use the latest Nutritional Science

Chloe's Clean Cuisine ensures you are fully nourishing your body is by staying up to date on current research. For example, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, brussels sprouts, collard greens, etc) contain a compound called myrosinase. When you chew it and eat it raw, the myrosinase forms sulforaphane which is an amazing cancer fighting compound. However, cooking destroys myrosinase. When myrosinase is destroyed, sulforaphane is never created. Chopping and exposing the cruciferous vegetables to air for 40 minutes will create sulphoraphane that does not get destroyed after cooking. Or, adding some raw cruciferous vegetables or mustard powder to cooked cruciferous vegetables will create this compound as well. Cruciferous vegetables are always prepared this way in the Meal Bundles. This is just one example of many where how I ensure you are getting the absolute maximum nutrition in every bite through nutritional science!