Let’s make Lasagna Rolls & German Chocolate Cake on Saturday, October 26th!


Do you want to eat healthier without ever sacrificing taste?
Are you tired of cooking the same recipes every week?
Looking for a go to dessert for birthdays and holidays?

Look no further! This virtual cooking class will walk you step by step through these recipes and show you how insanely delicious these whole food plant-based recipes can be!

October 26th
2-3:30 EST; 11-12:30 PST

In this class, you will learn how to make these two incredible dishes that are perfect to share with friends and family!

How does it work?

  • The week before class you will receive recipes and a grocery list via email.

  • When class is about to begin, simply sign on to the link provided, have all your ingredients out, and get ready to cook along with Chloe.

  • You will be able to see Chloe cooking live, ask questions in the chat box, and cook in real time.

  • After the class ends, you will receive an email recording of the class that you can reference at any time in the future.

  • Because you are already in your own home, you will delicious foods to eat for the week. Talk about a win win!


“I was fortunate enough to try Chloe's dishes at an event, and the second I did, I knew I had to learn from her. Before taking Chloe's classes, I was new to being plant-based and not very creative in the kitchen. I have always enjoyed cooking but was never confident enough to cook this way for others. I can easily eat the same, simple food day after day, but Chloe's dishes were ones that I couldn't wait to SHARE! To me, the gift of cooking for others is the ultimate benefit of learning from Chloe.
I have now taken 5 classes with Chloe and have not only learned to make super impressive dishes, my palate has actually changed. Thanks to Chloe's warm, smiley approach to teaching, I now have the confidence to try new spices and get creative on my own.
What sets Chloe apart is that you feel like you're cooking with a dear friend, having fun, laughing, and putting the whole loving experience right into the food! Even if you are a novice in the kitchen, as my best friend is, you will end up preparing food with a newfound confidence. You will, without a doubt, have pride in eating, cooking and sharing clean cuisine like you never thought you could!“ -Hannah

“We are so grateful for all the inspiration and knowledge you have shared. There is not a day that I don’t use and remember something you have taught me and try to continue to grow each day. It is extremely generous of you to share your talent. I’m pretty sure you need to have your own TV program.” -Marilynn

“Learning how to make healthy food delicious was the best investment in myself! I now enjoy my food, rather than feeling like I was always on a diet. I also love that I learned how to meal prep. That makes all the difference when I’m stressed and there is healthy food in the fridge for me, made by me!” - Kate

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