What is the healthiest sweetener?

Is it coconut sugar? Maple syrup? Honey? Agave? Brown rice syrup? Sugar in the Raw? Artificial zero calorie sweeteners? Stevia? Organic cane sugar?

It turns out that none of these are the healthiest sweetener. Despite marketing claims, our bodies don't see much of a difference in the sweeteners listed above. We might think we are eating a better option by buying products with coconut sugar or honey, but they are all metabolized very similarly. 
The healthiest sweetener is dates! Unlike all of the others, dates are a whole food. Dates are attached to fiber, phytochemicals, and antioxidants. Because of the fiber, date sugar (along with all whole fruits and veggies that contain sugar) does not spike our blood sugar the same way other sweeteners that are not whole foods do.
Unlike sugar, dates do not raise triglycerides or contribute to weight gain. Dates have a low glycemic index and are ideal for making sweet, whole food desserts! Desserts like the ones found in my Choco-Healthy eBook!!

For more information regarding dates, visit Nutrition Facts

So, now that we know dates are the healthiest sweetener, how do we use them?
My favorite way to incorporate dates is by making date paste!
Check out the simple recipe below!!


Date Paste


  • ¾ cup Water
  • 1 cup Pitted Medjool Dates


  • Soak the Dates in the water for 15 minutes to an hour (soaking time depends on how powerful your blender is. A NutriBullet® is ideal for this recipe)
  • Blend in a high speed blender until super smooth and creamy (about one to two minutes)!