How does it work?

Chloe's Clean Cuisine is working hard to bring you fresh, nourishing meals made out of whole foods. An entree coupled with either a salad, soup, or side along with a dessert will each be offered twice a week. Menu items for the week will be posted at Place your order 24 hours In advance. Select pick up (between 4 & 5 PM at 1225 US 206, Princeton, NJ) or delivery (occurs between 5 & 7:30 pm). All you have to do is reheat & eat!

*Delivery is currently being offered in Skillman, Ringoes, Hopewell, and Flemington, NJ the night the meals are being offered. Delivery to the Hillsborough, Bridgewater, and Princeton areas will occur the following evening!

How big are the meal bundles?

Meal bundles generously serve one person! They are all packed with high nutrient ingredients without any harmful additives and processed foods. They are made without oil (all oils are highly processed), sugar, dairy or other animal products. They are extremely high quality and will save you long term in health costs!

Where do I place my order?

Orders can be placed at!
You will add desired items to your cart and checkout virtually!

What if I want meals all week?

Currently, Chloe's Clean Cuisine has access to a commercial kitchen, The Cucina, 2 to 3 times per week. I am hoping to expand and offer meals every weeknight, but at the moment meals are offered 2 to 3 times per week. If you would like to order more than one of the same meal to have multiple times during the week in order to be really healthy, this is definitely an option! Because the meals are prepared fresh, they can all be refrigerated for several days and many can be frozen for future meals when you do not have time to cook as well.

Health is a spectrum. Moving along the spectrum by adding more high nutrient plants into your life will ultimately benefit you long term. Regardless of how you eat, these meals will support optimal health. Whether you don't eat any plant-based meals per week, or you only eat plant-based, any addition of whole plant foods will greatly benefit you.

What if I don't eat a plant-based diet?

WHat if I have food allergies?

Contact Chloe at and inform her of your food allergies. She will try to accomodate you as best as possible, and will inform you if you are able to eat the food that is being offered that week.

Why don't you use oil, sugar, or animal products?


Check out my FAQ's here!

Can you tell me more about a whole food plant-based lifestyle and heart disease?

Why does the scientific literature show eating this way helps with weight loss?

Whole plant foods are naturally high in nutrients and low in calories. They are the only source of fiber which fills us up and is needed for optimal health. Because of this, we can effortlessly lose weight by eating more quantity of food.

Check out THIS RESOURCE for more information on weight loss!