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Featured Review 1

"I recently hired Chloe to cook for my film set for a duration of two weeks. Often on film sets, the food isn't very nutritional or diverse. I was recommended Chloe through a friend, and at first I was very apprehensive. Being someone who is not vegetarian or vegan it seemed like this wouldn't be a good fit. Also, everyone except for one member of my cast and crew wasn't vegan or vegetarian. It didn't seem like it would work. However I was worried about our one vegetarian being comfortable for those two weeks so I decided to give this a try. My thoughts were, "if we don't like the food, at least we'll be healthy." It was a naive thought, but that's where I was at the time. Then we arrived on set and Chloe cooked her first meal. I was never more happy to have been wrong in my life. She cooked one of the best soups I've ever had. From there, Chloe introduced me to a new world of cuisine. Everything she would make, I would follow up with, "Is this healthy and how?" She made tacos, lasagna, chili, burgers, brownies, french fries and the list goes on. All of it beyond delicious and healthy. I felt more energized than I ever felt before. I had to wake up early everyday and go out into the hash winter cold of Idaho to film. Her food kept me warm and fueled for an intense two weeks of work. I never felt hungry or sluggish. The true surprise of her cooking came when close to the end of the trip I realized that my pants no longer fit me. I had lost weight on this trip. I looked at my partner and realized that he had lost weight. I then realized that the entire cast and crew had lost weight. I was shocked that we ate such amazing meals and were able to lose weight. At that point my thought process really changed. I am now back from my trip and reevaluating how I eat food. I am still in awe of the lasagna that she made. All of her food from the tacos to the burgers were jaw dropping, but the lasagna was out of this world."

-Reza Ghassemi

Featured Review 2

"I must say when I found out we were going to have a vegan cook for a two week film shoot, I was not looking forward to the meals. My socks were blown off after my first meal at our cabin, cauliflower teriyaki, in the middle of nowhere Idaho. Chloe has truly demonstrated over the two week shoot that eating healthy and clean can taste good while also being filling. I am astonished that none of the meals have been repeats and they all taste dynamically different. My pallet has changed while I was here and I am really looking forward to getting home and getting on the scale to see how much weight I have lost. My wedding ring is now too big because my inflammation has gone down. I suffer from a digestive autoimmune disease and the meals have really made me feel good. Chloe greets everyone with a smile in the morning and has been more than accommodating. She looks so at peace in the kitchen. Thank you, Chloe for opening my mind and pallet. To anyone who is looking for a healthy alternative for an event you would be wise to hire Chloe."




Featured Review 3

"I am an actor who came from Japan to film in Idaho. It is very beautiful here with the snow, but extremely cold. I enjoy shooting with the wonderful and sweet film crew especially miss Chloe, the chef. All the meals she has cooked are so delicious and very healthy. Knowing her amazing meals are waiting for us when we wrap has gotten me through the cruel shooting conditions. I have never had such delicious food while shooting on set in Japan. My favorite meal was the guacamole black bean burger. Thank you very much, Chloe!
Best always,
Hiroyuki Wantanabe"