Celebrate Valentine's Day with decadent chocolate that truly nourishes your body!


Included in the class, you will get...

  • An hour and a half interactive chocolate party!
  • An electronic copy of Chloe's Choco-Healthy eBook ($24.99 value)
  • How to sweeten foods without added sugar
  • The importance of high nutrient whole foods
  • Learn how to plate your dish for a visual wow-factor
  • Cooking tips, instruction, & health information
  • Learn about various toppings to take your desserts to the next level
  • A sampling of a variety of chocolate desserts made collectively by the class

Where & When?

The cooking class will take place at The Cucina, 1225 US 206, Suite 16, Princeton, NJ
on Saturday, February 17th from 4:30 - 6:00 PM.

Choco-Healthy Cooking Class
from 49.00
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What ingredients will be used?

All recipes are whole food plant-based, nutrient-rich, free from any oil, salt, dairy, eggs, butter, refined flour, gluten, and without any sugar that does not come from a fruit or vegetable (yay fiber)!


Please notify Chloe of any food allergies, as there are many substitutions that can be made!
For questions or concerns, contact Chloe at info@chloescleancuisine.com